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Equality week hits hot topics

September 25, 2015

Last week Monmouth College buzzed with the message of equality. LGBTQIA Spectrum hosted a variety of events to celebrate including tie-dye, coming out stories, and a dance.

“Monmouth Equality week helps promote Spectrums goal of making the Monmouth Campus a safe space for all, as well as raising awareness and acceptance of the LGBT culture,” said JorDaynah Holm, co-president of Spectrum.

On Thursday night, the Hot Topic Debate stirred crowd discussion as it was held to open the discussion of inequality in the LGBTQIA community.

This debate was over marriage equality and more specifically Kim Davis the Kentucky clerk who defied the U.S. Federal Court order requiring the issue of marriage licenses to same-sex couples for her religious beliefs.

“Everyone was respectful of everyone’s opinions and even brought ideas and opinions that I had never thought about before,” said Holm.

Speaker Mike Ziri, the Director of Public Policy at the organization Equality Illinois, drew a crowd on Friday night. Ziri and his team promote legislation to protect the rights of LGBTQIA community.

He touched on the question “what’s next?” in the fight for equality. More specifically, Ziri talked about the discrimination in jobs and housing for the transgender community.

“To me Monmouth Equality Week really help everyone connect more with the LGBT+ community we have here on campus,” said Halmon.

Spectrum is looking forward to attending The Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference (MBLGTACC) this February in hopes to contribute to the fight for the LGBTQIA community.

Destiny Mitchell
Contributing Writer

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