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MC Wellness kickboxing course in the Huff

September 25, 2015

Miranda Jones - The Courier / Students follow along to kickboxing instructor

Working out is an important part of anyone’s routine, but especially that of a college student. Whether you’re looking to start getting in shape or maintain your fitness level, on-campus options may seem limited. Students may need the push of a group environment or instructor to get motivation to leave the comfort of their dorm room and Netflix in bed to work out.

The Director of Wellness, Ashley Sims, is focused on improving fitness for the college community. She is doing so by finding fitness courses that can be brought straight to campus. The goal is to give the college community an opportunity to try something they haven’t done before or may be hard to do on their own.

This is Sims second year at Monmouth as Director of Wellness. She started classes such as kickboxing since she began here. Sims explained that MC Wellness is specifically trying to bring in courses that have both had good reviews and that students have enjoyed. In addition, they are striving to provide some new opportunities for students and faculty.

“We try to mix classes up as best as possible so our students get a chance to try something new,” said Sims. But students aren’t the only participants welcome to kickboxing or other courses held by MC Wellness. Faculty and staff are also welcomed to participate in classes.
Courses are taught through the YMCA with the help of their certified instructors. Generally, the classes change each semester. If a course goes over really well with students, MC Wellness will offer it again depending on the instructor’s availability.

Coaches around campus are utilizing the benefit of the courses Sims has put together to find other ways to work out their team. Claire Woodrow, a junior on the swim team, explained that their coach wanted them to go to the kickboxing course.

“We were there for our captain’s practice. Our coach wanted us to switch it up from our normal routine. Kickboxing is another awesome way to get into shape besides going to normal running and lifting exercises,” said Woodrow.

Sims hopes that students take away the importance of a healthy lifestyle through participating in the courses. Classes can be taken at any pace each participant needs. So if you need to take a break that’s okay to do. MC Wellness encourages anyone to attend the classes regardless of their fitness level.

“Our goal is to provide options to work out and choose a healthier lifestyle in addition to the facilities and equipment in Trotter Fitness Complex and Huff. It is a great way to switch up your workout routine, or if you don’t have a routine yet, it can be a great way to get started,” said Sims.

Sims is excited about the direction MC Wellness is taking as they move forward. “Our Wellness program has made great strides in the last year and we look forward to continue to keep growing and providing opportunities. We also have student fitness assistants for beginners who want helpful tips on getting started or the more experienced looking to target specific parts of their body for improvement. We are open to everyone here on campus and hope to see you all at an event at some point!” said Sims.

Miranda Jones
Features Editor

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