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Monmouth intramurals take fun seriously

September 25, 2015

Monmouth College has some of the best sports facilities in the Midwest, and they are not exclusive to just the NCAA athletes that attend school here.

Coach John Goddard leads the intramural program that gives all Scots on campus the opportunity to use our sports facilities and have fun in the process.

Currently, there have been three fall intramural sports with another seven intramurals that students can sign up for.

“It’s a great way to pass the time and spend time with friends,” said senior Tyler Breneisen. “Our football team hasn’t been very successful, however, the most important part is I got to spend time playing a great sport with my friends. Plus, there are plenty of other intramural sports to come so hopeful our luck changes.”

Breniesen leads Fritchburg State Spurrier FC, which is one of two teams in the flag football league that sits at 1-4 on the season. Only the Shadow Knows For Sure, lead by Nicholas Stevens, sit in second with a record of 3-2. Cole Tatge’s Team Rosenburg took down Connor Gillen’s Vick In a Box to seal their victory for the second intramural champion of the year. (HAPPENS AT 7PM THURSDAY).

The first champions were crowned over the weekend on Saturday morning. Five Monmouth College students took the course, but Abby Buttita and Sam Stone came away the winners in the Women’s division and Men’s division, respectively.

“It feels pretty great to take home the intramural shirt,” said Stone. “I have been close a few times before but it is cool to have something to remember the fun I had playing intramurals. I have had a lot of awesome experiences with intramural sports.”

To find out about other intramural sports programs Monmouth has to offer, students can log onto and navigate to the Wellness page to see what Goddard has set up for the students to enjoy!

Anthony Matozzi
Sports Editor

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