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Fine Arts Month ‘seriously creative’

October 2, 2015

While Monmouth College art students enrich the community throughout the year with creative and intellectual works, October proves to be an opportunity to highlight artistic achievements through Fine Arts Month.

Stephanie Baugh, a lecturer in the art department, said, “It is important for the arts to be recognized and highlighted on campus because of the large number of students involved in the arts. These students dedicate their time and energy to the arts because that is where their passions lie. Fine Arts Month is a chance for us to recognize this particular community of student-creatives and allow them to see each other and know they are a part of something bigger than just their specific major. Also, looking at the fine arts as a whole acknowledges the inherent interdisciplinary nature of what we do.”

Fine Arts Month celebrates a variety of artistic talents, including art exhibits and performance arts, such as musical performances, art films and plays.

Kallie DiTusa, treasurer of the Art Alliance, said, “Fine arts month is a time to appreciate the arts, including art, music and theatre, and all that they offer not only on campus, but in the real world as well. The departments work together to provide a full month of exhibitions, concerts and performances for the campus to show their support.”

Freshman Hannah Weis said, “Fine Arts Month helps the Monmouth College campus recognize the underappreciated forces that contribute to the coloration of our atmosphere. Without the beauty of the orchestra, the vibrancy of the visual arts and the potency of the performance arts, campus would be a bleak and dreary place.”

“The Arts are something to celebrate; they are a vital component of the life of the community, and they are an important facet to the academic mission of Monmouth College. For students in the Arts, I think that Fine Arts Month gives them an opportunity to be proud of what they do and who they are as artists.”

Fine Arts Month has relevance even for those students outside of the Arts by offering a celebration of creativity through the numerous artistic opportunities provided. “Students both within and outside of the art department should carry with them the sense of unity that Fine Arts month provides,” said Weis. “Fine Arts month is all inclusive because creation itself is a very human drive. Those that do not consider themselves artists still have an outstanding capacity for creativity whether it be through the exertion of energy through sports or the contemplation behind scientific inquiry.”

To kick start Fine Arts Month, a faculty art exhibit will begin at 3:30 p.m. in the Len G. Everett Gallery of Hewes Library, followed by a gallery talk at 4 p.m. and live performances by the actors from the college’s production of Nina Raines’ Tribes, violinist Iman Abdulrazzak of Syria and clarinetist Zach McCoy of Galesburg.

Julianna Graf
Editor in Chief

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