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Study around the world with MC programs

October 2, 2015

Each year, dozens of Monmouth College students choose to continue their education off campus. Studying abroad is a great opportunity for students to experience a different culture and environment, or even to get out of Monmouth for a bit.

Scotland is a popular choice due to our Scottish heritage here in Monmouth. There are opportunities in Brazil, India, Costa Rica, and recently added Shanghai and Jordan to name a few from the programs offered to Monmouth College students.

For students not wanting to spend an entire semester away, there are also programs for shorter periods of time. A trip to Greece has been organized to leave during spring break this upcoming spring semester. Short trips are also planned for January and at the end of the academic year.

Longer trips are available as well. A full academic year away from Monmouth campus is possible. There are multiple programs listed on the Monmouth College website along with other useful information on the study abroad Facebook page. The cost of the trip varies from place to place but the overall costs are typically comparable to tuition for a semester at Monmouth College.

Studying abroad is intended mostly for sophomores going into their junior year but students are able to study abroad whenever they desire. To apply for abroad opportunities, each student must write an essay and typically have a minimum GPA of 3.0. A faculty committee will approve qualified students for the program of their choosing.

According to Dr. James Godde, professor and Chair of the biology department, “Studying abroad is the best way for students to broaden their horizons.” Professor Godde also said that students’ reactions when they return are very positive. They are always ‘blown away” by their experience wherever they traveled.

Ashley Schrader, a junior biology major who studied at the Scottish Association for Marine Science in Oban, Scotland, said. “I decided to study abroad because I wanted to experience what it would be like to work hands on in my field of study while living in a completely new cultural place. It completely changed my life. It helped me realize that marine science is the field for me and now I have no reservations about leaving the Midwest to go and see the world.”

Erik Ruud, a senior, who spent the Fall 2014 semester in Fort William, Scotland, the outdoor capital of the United Kingdom, said “I took the opportunity because it was a once in a lifetime chance to fully immerse myself in a foreign country’s culture. The experience while abroad is incredible; you meet so many amazing people that it gives you a whole new lens in which to view the world.”

Students tend to take longer trips and travel more after completing the studying abroad program, which shows that the students are getting more than just education from their experiences. “Every interview I have had after studying abroad I have been asked about this experience so employers do take notice,” added Ruud.

Students interested in studying abroad can get application from Professor Godde, the Off Campus Studies Office on the second floor of Poling Hall or online. November 21 is the deadline for most study abroad programs during Fall 2016 that Monmouth offers.

Ben Schweitzer
Contributing Writer

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