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Upperclassmen cope with the “mid-college” crisis

October 2, 2015

“The next four years will be the best four years of your life.”

As we entered our journey at the collegiate level, these words, typically accompanied by our mothers’ tearful “these four years will fly by,” followed us everywhere. Now, as I am beginning my fall semester of my senior year, these words could not hold more true. I, along with the majority of my senior class, am struggling with the idea that I will not be coming back to my home away from home next year.

This time next year I have no idea where I will be. Who knows if we will be halfway across the world, right back in our home towns, entering graduate school, getting married, entering the work force, or anything else life throws our way.

As upperclassmen, I think the majority of us are faced with a common undergraduate condition that doesn’t come with an official medical term, a formal name, or even a formal definition. This affliction is most commonly referred to as the “mid-college crisis.”

To me, the mid-college crisis is a college student’s version of a mid-life crisis, typically triggered by the realization that our college time is almost up.

As for my personal experience, as I was finishing up my last few finals of my sophomore year I came back to see my roommates purposely dragging out packing so we could stay on campus as long as possible. As we said our goodbyes and headed home for the long, three-month summer, it hit me like a line drive to the face- I’m halfway done with my college career.

“Now that I am a senior, I am quickly realizing that it is going to be over before I know it, and the real world is going to be harder than any mid-college crisis I had ever experienced,” said senior Emily Flint..

Whether it’s through questioning your future, considering switching majors, making relationship decisions or any other stressors, know you’re not the only one having these internal struggles. And what’s more; it’s okay to stress out about the little things because that’s what college is all about.
“It’s no longer going to be ‘what are my plans for this weekend?’ and more so ‘am I taking the right steps to get an internship?’ The future felt like it would never get here when we were younger, but here we are juniors and seniors in college and the future is literally right around the corner,” said junior Nate Jacobs.

“As for graduation looming over the seniors, I would say treasure every moment you have with each other because life as it is right now will never be the same. Don’t take any of the small things for granted. Do late night taco bell runs even if you can’t afford it or you have an 8a.m. the next morning. Eat with your friends instead of grabbing a sandwich downstairs and stay up late talking about life. Go out and drink too much on a Wednesday night, because now is the time to do that stuff,” said 2015 Monmouth College graduate Alyssa Riley.

As for the real world looming just around the corner, Monmouth College does its best to prepare us as much as possible. However, it is natural to have one or two or even seven mid-college crises throughout our college experience. Like it or not, someday we will be out in the real world.

Don’t forget to enjoy college. The stress of grades, internships, jobs and plans for our future sometimes overshadow the other great things college has to offer. It goes by faster than you will ever believe. I know that when I look back at my college experience, I’ll remember the amazing professors, all the times saving my laundry money for a night out at the Bijou with my best friends, and storming the court on a last second buzzer beater against St. Norbert.

Whatever crisis you’re dealing with, don’t let the stress of your future ruin the experiences of your present.

Emily Watkins
Contributing Writer

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