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October 9, 2015

Description – Every week, we debate a sports topic. This week, the writers state their case for who they believe will win the world series!

The Cubs will win the World Series because of how they built their team. These guys all had nothing to lose, and worked with each other to get to the light at the end of tunnel. And at the end of October, they will hold a trophy over a crowd of plastered fans pack into Wrigley Field with tears rolling down their faces.

In an era of baseball in which good hitters are at a premium, the Cubs have stacked their lineup with young bats that make veteran pitching staffs nervous. The Cubs feature Kyle Schwarber, Anthony Rizzo, and Kris Bryant in their 2-3-4 section of their lineup and complement them with players that can wear a pitcher out.

Jake Arrieta and Jon Lester have the stuff to shut any high powered offense dowm. Combined with a clutch bullpen, the Cubs have the total package and the attitude to win it all.

Anthony Matozzi
Sports Editor

The Kansas City Royals are going to win the World Series this year. The Royals got to game 7 last year and they’ll be out to show everyone that it wasn’t just a fluke.

They also don’t have a lot of competition from the teams in the American League this year. The Astros have came out of the blue this year and surprised everyone by making it to the playoffs. While they are an excellent team, the Royals can outplay them in a five game set.

The Rangers don’t have the pitching to shut down Toronto. The Blue Jays have the mighty bats to do some damage, but the Royals bullpen is just as nasty as last year’s group. Toronto’s lack of playoff experience can hurt them, as well.

The Royals already went to game 7, when nobody said that they could. The Royals will not let another World Series slip through their hands.

Cooper Pauley
Contributing Writer

The Chicago Cubs have been in a championship drought for well over a hundred years. Many believe this year to be the year. While the cubs have been absolutely horrible for the past couple of years, they have been building up their farm system and trading big names for prospects.

The cubs have a potential Cy Young Award winner in Jake Arrieta and a former Cy Young finalist and Boston Red Sox ace in Jon Lester. They also have a key bat in Kris Bryant who is a favorite to win the rookie of the year.

You can’t look past the Cubs incredibly young and talented group. With the Cubs having power hitters like Anthony Rizzo, Bryant, and Kyle Schwarber they definitely have the talent to upset their way to a World Series Championship.

Taelor Hufford
Contributing Writer

With the best record in franchise history since 1980, I believe that the Kanas City Royals have another chance at making it to the World Series, and this time winning it.

Last year, the Royals were such a surprise as they won the one game wild card playoff and fought their way all the way to the World Series. They put up a good fight against the San Francisco Giants but they were unable to get the job done. With a fairly similar roster to last year’s team and a successful regular season, everything is in line for the Royals to make another deep playoff run.

All of Kanas City is behind the Royals and so are many people around the baseball world. If they take home the trophy this year, this could be the start of a very long dynasty in Kansas City.

Luke Long
Contributing Writer

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