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MC bucket list

October 9, 2015

11 things to check off the list before you “kick-the-(college)bucket”

The term “bucket list” usually refers to a list of items to be completed before he or she “kicks the bucket”, but the term does not have to just apply to the elderly. With commencement just a mere seven months away for seniors, all students should have a bucket list of their own to ensure that they are soaking up every last Monmouth College moment before stepping out into the real world.

1. Befriend the kitchen staff.
The kitchen staff are the best people to know because they feed you when your parents can’t. Nothing tastes better than an omelet from Penny or chatting with Dennis while you wait for fresh fries.

2. Find your passion.
College is fun, but we are here to learn. After numerous breakdowns, hopefully you have found what you love to do and are ready to share it with the world.

3. Go somewhere you haven’t been.
It’s hard to believe that on such a small campus there are places you have never seen, but have you used all the underground tunnels? Have you been inside of HT? Haven’t you ever wondered what it looks like up there in the bell tower? Go. Seek. Explore.

4. Break a rule.
Jump off the balcony in Bowers. Break the record for most people over fire code. Day drink instead of going to class. Walk proudly down the halls with that open container. Of course there will be consequences but they’ll be great stories to tell.

5. Thank someone.
College is an extremely stressful four years. Chances are there is a friend that let you cry on their shoulder or a professor that helped guide you toward your passion. Thank them for all that they have done and let them know they are appreciated.

6. Take a risk.
Tell that cutie in your stats class that you like them. Join a club you know nothing about. Be a contestant in Xi Man or showcase your awesome voice in the talent show. You never know until you try and you may end up surprising yourself.

7. Do something naked.
You will never feel freer than when you are doing a naked lap with your friends or streaking on the football field.

8. Have school spirit.
There are activities and games going on around campus constantly. Paint your body in red and white and cheer on the volleyball team. Cheer on the clubs at Spirit Shout to get in the homecoming mood. It is more fun to cheer on your school than to stand silently.

9. Go to the bar crawl.
The senior bar crawl is one of the last hurrahs of the year where it is totally acceptable to get black out drunk and dance on the penny bar with no regrets.

10. Try the local restaurants.
Venture to Maple City on a Sunday morning for a hung-over breakfast. Grab a tenderloin and cheese balls from Papa’s after a football game. Order the college special from Alfano’s after walking from the bar (and try not to fall asleep before it arrives). Soak up the local cuisine now because before you know it you’ll live in a world where pizza at 2 a.m. does not exist.

11. Enjoy.
At times it may seem you are up to your eyeballs in homework and responsibilities, but remember to slow down and enjoy the moment. These four years go by quicker than you think, so study hard and laugh even harder.

Olivia Diaz
Contributing Writer

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