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Monmouth launches radio station on College Radio Day

October 9, 2015

Michelle Ravel - The Courier

Professor Chris Goble and the rest of the Monmouth College radio team officially launched the school’s radio station on October 2, which also happened to be National College Radio Day. The station broadcasts on 105.9 FM and online on the Monmouth College WPFS website.

The station has moved from its previous home at the lower level of the Stockdale Center all the way to the top floor of Wallace Hall. After the construction of the Center for Science and Business, Professor Goble saw the opportunity to move the station closer to his own office as well as the studio for MCTV.

“With TV and radio together, we can share not only space but idea,” said professor Goble. “And in today’s media conglomerate world, radio, TV and other media such as newspapers do not live in a vacuum and must interact with other media. This gives us the opportunity to combine more.”

The official launch was celebrated with a party welcoming a variety of guests including alumni, community members,professors and President Clarence Wyatt to experience the new station. Possibly the most significant guest was alum Dave Acheson, who traveled from Kansas to attend the launch party.

In the early 1960s, Acheson, along with classmates Don Roegge and Jim Seago first came up with the idea for a radio station at the college. Acheson is probably best known for his “beer can antenna.” Acheson soldered steel beer cans together to produce an antenna around 20 feet long. The antenna did work, but only within the city limits.

Professor Goble and the rest of the radio staff are very optimistic about the future of the radio station, as it will now broadcast on FM radio to be accessible to anyone interested in listening who isn’t a student. “I hope that we can provide interesting programming that the students and town will want to tune in for, the kinds of music and programming not normally found on commercial radio,” said professor Goble. “I think we are all really excited to serve the broader community with what I hope to be a fun, entertaining and at times weird source of audio programming.”

“I hope that we have good public support,” added station manager Sujith Santhosh. “Since we are a college radio, the quality of shows can definitely drive more people. It’s an exciting transition to be a part of.”

The radio station is now broadcasting full time and can be heard by tuning into 105.9 FM or streamed online at

Cristian Corbett
News Editor

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