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Outside The Hash Marks

October 9, 2015

Every single time I watch Trevone Boykin throw a touchdown pass for Texas Christian University, of which he has nineteen this year, I feel a little sad.

Why? Because he is a ridiculously talented quarterback, he’s a great guy, and he’s great at his job. But, he probably won’t play quarterback in the NFL. Which is upsetting for someone with his arm strength and speed to be just tossed aside like many athletic quarterbacks.

If Tim Tebow can get a shot at quarterback, I feel like Boykin and the multitude of others should get a shot. A year as a backup would hurt nobody. Besides, most of the great quarterbacks are getting old. Brady, the Manning’s, Roethlisberger, Rivers, Palmer, and a ton of backups are all getting to the age where it’s about time teams thought about replacements.

Teams are not doing themselves any favors by looking at a good quarterback prospect and turning him into a wideout for no other reason than “he looks really athletic.”

Boykin isn’t alone, here. Taysom Hill from BYU, before he got hurt, got almost no talk as a quarterback at the next level. Which confuses me, a little. Yes, Hill is ridiculously athletic.

The man can rumble with the best of them. But he’s no more athletic than Marcus Mariota. He’s not the same passer, either, but Hill can be a career backup or a solid starter for a team like St. Louis or Arizona that kind of only needs 20 points to be in a game. That’s not bad, for any quarterback. That’s not hard for GMs to try, either.

I’m not saying that every runner of a QB needs to be drafted. C.J. Brown couldn’t stay healthy at Maryland, no matter how good he was. Jerrod McKinnon was a thorough option quarterback and was rightfully moved to running back. Keenan Reynolds still has to serve Navy time, so that’s not even an option, though I think he’d make a good tailback for a few teams.

But when you get to draft talent like Boykin, you have to take advantage. You have to at least see what he can do. So for all you GM’s out there, at least think about using a fifth round pick on a guy like Boykin.

You have to at least see what he can do. You can’t settle for mediocre quarterbacks because one guy just might project to adjust faster as a wideout or running back. Atleast you got some kind of production.

Otherwise, you get stuck with Christian Hackenberg. And all 30-something of his career touchdowns. Boykin isn’t quarterback material, but Hackenberg is?

Anthony Adams
Sports Columnist

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