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PHHHOTO: the new Instagram?

October 9, 2015

Have you heard about PHHHOTO? Imagine Instagram, but with one or two short video clips of a moment in time. That’s what PHHHOTO is. These short clips of time are better known as gifs; pronounced ‘jif,’ like the peanut butter. Both Instagram and PHHHOTO share a lot of similarities, but each app is unique in its own ways.

Both PHHHOTO and Instagram allow the viewer to comment under the image and like a user’s post. There is a tab that allows the viewer to look at random popular pages or trending images. There is also a notification bar to view who has followed you, view who has comment on an image, and view who has liked your image. All sounds pretty standard and comparable to that of Instagram.

Instagram provides up to 39 filters for a picture, while PHHHOTO only provides three: NOFILTER, DAZE; which brightens the picture, and SOLO; which makes it black and white. Unlike Instagram, PHHHOTO doesn’t allow people to directly message other PHHHOTO users. While Instagram allows its users to upload a picture or a video, PHHHOTO is strictly gifs.

Similar to other apps, PHHHOTO found a niche that attracts people to download it. Instagram attracts to people how want to share a moment right as it happens. Since PHHHOTO is only gifs, that is the quality that seems to be what attracts its users the most.

Students at Monmouth College who had never heard of PHHHOTO were shown the app. With Instagram in mind, they reviewed the new app to see which app they would be more interested in; PHHHOTO or Instagram.

When Abbi Murray and Kaitlyn Carter were shown PHHHOTO, they had the same excited response exclaiming how cool PHHHOTO is. Murray, a sophomore, was especially interested, saying she’d have to go download it later.

“I’ll probably use it more than Instagram. I think gifs capture a moment better than a picture, and a video can be too long,” Murray.

Celebrities, makeup artists, and music artists all use PHHHOTO exactly like Instagram. The only difference is to give fans a different view to experience what their lives are like. For example, the R&B artist Kehlani (@KEHLANIMUSIC) uses PHHHOTO to reach out to her fans. She shows them an inside look into her on-the-go lifestyle using gifs.

If you know the profile you are looking for on PHHHOTO, the app allows the searcher to input the name and the profile will show up.

“I like the idea of gifs better than a picture or a video. It’s like combining both a picture and a video. If videos and pictures had a baby, gifs would be it,” Carter.

Not only can you share the gif to just your PHHHOTO profile, but it allows you to share to other social networks as well.

PHHHOTO is available through the App Store for both IPhone and Android.

Emma Pierson Wentzel
Contributing Writer

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