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Ghost stories of Monmouth College

October 30, 2015

Colleges are popular places for the paranormal, and many MC students have had encounters on this very campus. Ghostly myths and sightings have been happening on this college for years. Several students have heard the tale of the Grier elevator ghost, while others point to Wells Theater, Austin Hall, Dahl Chapel and the admissions building when asked about the hauntings on campus. Several other buildings on campus besides the above mentioned also have their own spooky stories.

Austin Hall is located in front of Founders Village, behind the Wells Theater. Austin Hall is the music building on campus and a large number of music students have reported some strange happenings.

Parts of Austin’s basement, especially in the evening, are dark and dreary. Music students have reported a creepy feeling, like someone is watching them, while in the basement late at night. Perhaps the most chilling thing reported is the piano playing. Students practicing upstairs very late at night have reported hearing someone playing the piano, beautifully, while they were absolutely sure that no one else was in the building.

On the other side of campus, Dahl Chapel, one of the oldest buildings on campus, has its own mysteries. One night when Zach McCoy was practicing in the chapel alone, he finished playing and heard the sound of one person clapping coming from the balcony. He quickly packed up his clarinet and darted out the door. McCoy said he was sure that he was completely alone.

The admissions office is another building turned haunted house. Jamar Jones worked in the admissions office as a representative assistant for the college. During that time he heard footsteps outside the office door, the supposed footsteps of a woman who now wanders the top floor of the admissions office. Jones said that she can be seen in the window late in the evening, looking across the street at The Manor, where her husband was rumored to have had an affair. Other rumors and speculations follow.

Of all of these buildings, Wells Theater probably has some of the creepiest occurrences. Theater students like Liz Johnson and Johnny Williams III have both had their fair share of scares in the building. Johnson once had an experience where several flats fell in front of her while she was on stage alone. She then left the stage and waited in the lobby until a senior theater major came in and yelled to the catwalk that she (the ghost) had to be nice to Liz.

Williams was in the theater at 2:00 a.m. last semester working on a final project when he heard footsteps on the catwalk. He went out to check. No one was there and the door to the catwalk slammed behind him. When he went back to work on his project, he felt a chill and said that it felt like his shoulder was being squeezed. He slowly looked up and in the mirror in front of him he saw long brown hair across his shoulder. When he turned around nothing was there and he promptly retreated from the building leaving his project, and even his cell phone.

Timothy Yates
Staff Writer

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