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Jeff Rankin – On the move

October 30, 2015

With ongoing changes in the Communication Department, the department welcomes Jeff Rankin as College Editor and Historian.

“College Editor is generating more content for admission, he’ll help the president’s office with communications, he’ll help in fundraising, and across a whole range of activities on campus,” said President Clarence Wyatt. “College Historian is an acknowledgement of what he’s always been. He knows the soul of Monmouth better than anybody.”

Previously, the Alumni Magazine was published twice per year. With Rankin in this new position, he will now be able to publish three issues each year. “Two magazines a year is simply not enough” stated Wyatt. “We just haven’t had the hands on deck to be able to do more. Part of what this transition means is it gives Jeff the opportunity as editor of the magazine to move to three magazines a year.” President Wyatt hopes to publish up to four issues of the Alumni Magazine per year in the near future.

“Jeff Rankin’s increased responsibility for the Alumni Magazine will further his efforts to fully illustrate the college’s unique attributes,” said Board of Trustees Chairman Bill Goldsborough. “The trustees appreciate his long-standing commitment to the college and look forward to his continued contributions.”

“As I’ve gotten older, I have come to realize how essential it is to have someone like Jeff who is committed to preserving and celebrating the history of the college,” said Sociology and Anthropology Chair Steven Buban.

Rankin will remain a senior member of Monmouth’s communications and marketing team, but will focus on his position as College Editor and Historian.

Cristian Corbett
News Editor

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