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November 20, 2015

Description: Every week, we debate a sports topic. This week, the writers state their case which college athlete they believe will bring home the Heisman Trophy!

Did you ever watch LaDainian Tomlinson play? Well, Leonard Fournette is better. That’s why he is my pick to bring home coveted Heisman for LSU.

In his sophomore year in Death Valley, he has rushed for 1474 yards and has racked up 17 total touchdowns. Fournette has had multiple 3 touchdown performances and that is not something that happens every year.

He has not played strong in his last two games, but I expect that to turn around soon. And despite the two bad games, he still leads the nation in rushing yards!

Fournette is a speeding bullet that will finish up the season strong against two SEC division rivals. By the end of the season, everybody will have forgotten those two crappy games.

Danish Shah
Contributing Writer

Ohio State is ranked third in the nation and has a perfect record despite a revolving door at quarterback. Their offensive constant has come in the form of their elite runningback, Ezekiel Elliott. The junior runner is my favorite to bring the Heisman Trophy back to his teammates.

Elliott has racked up 1,425 yards on the ground on 220 attempts in his team’s ten games this season. His total includes a month of November that has seen him put up nearly 300 rushing yards and three touchdowns in a mere two games.

Oklahoma is four slots behind Ohio State and while Baker Mayfield has been elite under center, Elliott’s rushing has kept his team in a playoff spot. Elliott is the NCAA’s most complete player and should be given the trophy.

Anthony Matozzi
Sports Editor

This year I believe Leonard Fournette, running back of the LSU Tigers will win the Heisman.

I still believe he has been the most dominant player in college football. Only 31 rushing yards against Alabama and 91 yards against Arkansas this past week.

He’s had at least one touchdown in all nine games this season, including three games where he had three touchdowns. He’s leading the league in rushing yards with 163 per game, just above Alabama’s Derrick Henry who has 26 more rushing attempts than Fournette.

He had three straight games with over 200 yards rushing earlier in the season and has rushed for 150 or more in every game except for the last two.

Even though he’s had two bad games the last couple weeks, Leonard Fournette is still the biggest reason why the LSU Tigers have had such a good season.

Cooper Pauley
Sports Contributor

Given the current state of college football, I don’t think there’s enough to draw away from the recent rash of quarterback Heisman winners. Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield is just too good.

I saw this coming since he walked on as a freshman at Texas Tech, and opened his career with 400 yards and five touchdowns. He left, got real coaching and now the man is the best quarterback in the nation.

He’s number one in efficiency and yards per attempt and third in completion percentage. All while tossing 31 touchdowns against just five picks and collecting six rushing touchdowns. Don’t forget about that huge win against sixth-ranked Baylor.

This will be the year that an Oklahoma quarterback finally lives up to the standard last met by Sam Bradford. Mayfield, right now, is the only logical pick for the Heisman.

Anthony Adams
Sports Columnist

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