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Campus blood drive exceeds goals

November 20, 2015

The Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center had a goal of collecting 60 bags of blood this week and found that they far exceeded their expectations due to the Monmouth College student body. Over 100 individuals supported the blood drive by donating. “The amount of blood we receive from one donor can potentially benefit the lives of three or even four people who are in need,” said Kelly Easton, one of the individuals in charge of the event.

One of the workers named Melissa Pepper said, “The blood that Mississippi collects remains in the area and is given to the surrounding hospitals in order to save the local lives.” During this visit alone, the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center received donations from an estimated 10% of the Monmouth College student body. That means that the lives of over 300 Midwestern individuals could be saved. “I was surprised by the number of people who signed up for donation and that everyone who signed up here at Monmouth College would be helping the lives of those who live in the surrounding counties,” said volunteer Angie Park. It is Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center’s mission to provide for everyone living within these counties.

The Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center will be returning in the spring semester to host the next blood drive.

Ryian Sampson
COntributing Writer

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