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What college was meant to brie

January 29, 2016

On January 14, 2016, the first meeting of the Monmouth College Cheese Club took place at Monmouth College with the participation of around twenty students, who inaugurated their club delighting in some selective cheeses from the dairy state of Wisconsin.

Anthony Howe, a political science student, came up with the idea of creating this club on campus after realizing that it is actually very common in other campuses. Therefore, Howe thought, “If other campuses have cheese clubs, and we have all these other clubs, why don’t we have a cheese club at Monmouth?”

Since cheese has always been part of Howe’s life and he has always been interested in it, he took the first opportunity he saw to start a cheese club at Monmouth. With all certainty, Howe discloses his solid reasons to bring this initiative to the campus and reiterates, “I have always loved cheese; I come from Wisconsin. I grew up down the road of a couple of great creameries.”

Howe decided to follow all the corresponding processes to create a club with the purpose of having the space to foster a love, appreciation and knowledge for cheese highlighting the relevance of this global and ancient product. One of the intentions of the club is to be focused on different types of cheeses that might not be familiar to the members.

The Wisconsinite student has informal leadership of the club and he will use his rich knowledge about the production of cheese to teach about the different aspects of the variety of cheeses during the meetings.

Howe encourages the student community to join Cheese Club since he describes it as “an opportunity to do something different on campus and enjoy good cheese.” This club allows students to think about this rooted ingredient of the American diet beyond the options that the students have access to in the cafeteria, which according to Howe, are limited to either single slices of American cheese or shredded cheese. After its approval in December 2015, the Cheese Club gets together twice a month to eat, learn, and discuss fine, expensive cheeses that are representative of different regions including Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The members of the club have the opportunity to try selective cheeses because Howe has connections with people who import cheese from different countries, and this helps to keep a global paradigm and enhances the appreciation of this dairy product.

The Cheese Club will enjoy Piedmont cheeses from Northern Italy while it conducts the elections for positions of the members of the club on January 28. The cheeses for this meeting include Rocollo Valtaleggio, Parmigiano Reggiano and Castelmagno di Alpeggio.

This club is open to all the students of Monmouth College, and the club will charge a fee of $5 per meeting in order to cover the expenses of the cheeses that are imported.

You can find them on Facebook at “Monmouth College Cheese Club” for more information, meeting previews and cheesy news. Howe’s final remark is, “Anybody is more than welcome; If you like cheese and if you don’t like cheese, but you want to learn more.” The meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursday of every month at 9:00 p.m. in CSB room 276.

Brenda Carpio
Contributing Writer

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