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Alex Hernandez starting new tradition

February 5, 2016

The senior bar crawl occurs annually, but this year they will be able to enjoy beer dedicated to their class. Senior business major Alex Hernandez is pairing with chemistry professor Brad Sturgeon to create a brew of beer in honor of Monmouth College’s class of 2016.

“When somebody gets their first job they can open up this beer,” said Hernandez. “I was thinking of what we could do that was special and I feel like our class is very united. This is a way for all of us to have some to engage and connect with beyond graduation.”

Sturgeon was chosen because he is also is also co-owner of the class 3 manufacturer DeNovo Beverage of Monmouth, LLC. The company specializes in the production of craft beer and sells their beer to local businesses in Monmouth and Galesburg.

The idea for this brew came from professor Tom Gabel’s Marketing course that Hernandez took last semester. Hernandez was a member of one of six total groups that presented marketing ideas to professor Sturgeon. The group Hernandez came up with the concept of creating an honorary beer for the class of 2016.

“This is a great idea that I just couldn’t let the students not do anything with,” said Sturgeon. “A lot of students get their grade in a class and just move on from what they did for a class project. This is one of the first cases where one of these marketing ideas is good enough to bring it to fruition and make it a reality.”

The beer is planned to be available to the public for sale following the student body’s return from spring break in early March. The class beer will available in a 22-ounce bottle at Market Alley Wines for individual sale. The brew will also be available on tap at the Bijou and Danny’s Tap with potentially other local venues in the future.

The beer’s type is still being decided as Hernandez continues to poll to his fellow seniors to determine the exact type of beer the class would most enjoy. Hernandez is currently polling between what he refers to as his “four corners of beer.”

“I’m having us decide between Belgian White, Stout, Amber Ale, or an IPA,” said Hernandez. “I didn’t want to make an American Lager because that wouldn’t make it more memorable than a Miller Lite. Those beers are what I’ve found to be really popular based on going through different blogs and talking to different people about their beer choices.”

Hernandez and Sturgeon still are in the process of creating a recipe and labels for the custom brew. If you would like to get involved with this project, contact Hernandez or Sturgeon to learn more.

Anthony Matozzi
Sports Editor

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