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Cafeteria hours cause controversy

February 5, 2016

It is no secret that every once in a while you need to tickle your taste buds with different kinds of food and flavors. Scotland Yard is the place to go for such taste bud tickling. With dishes from Mexico all the way to Asia, you can experience the food culture without having to travel across the globe. Unfortunately, one of the options, the classic six-inch sandwich, has been getting some heat lately. Darice Brooks, a sophomore on the track and field team, expresses her issue with the amount of food she receives from the sandwich line. “On the other hand, the sandwiches downstairs, when I would eat them, didn’t fill me up and last until the next day.” Not surprising that an athlete requires more food during their season.

The sandwich line is not the only part that has been getting flak from the student community. Jump Asian requires that you spend flex dollars, in addition to a meal, to get some of their cuisine. Manda Landry, a sophomore on the women’s soccer team, expresses her discontent in regards to the extra flex dollars. “I don’t think it is necessary to spend extra flex when we are getting just rice and chicken, I see that as the same thing when we get a sandwich and chips.” Although the extra flex seems unnecessary, there is a reason for it. Angela Stodolkiewicz, Food Service Director, said, “Jump Asian is a franchise brand so, as is typical with franchise brand locations, the price point is often slightly higher.” The uneasiness felt among students, as they scan away their flex dollars, cannot be sensed by the corporation behind Jump Asian.

The main dining hall is not free from complaints either. Junior early bird Kyle Bradberry enjoys eating breakfast every day, but must wait for the warm food to be served. “Well I’m a person who likes to get up early, and having the warm food start at 7:30 is inconvenient.” Not everyone likes to eat breakfast, but usually enjoys a nice sit down dinner. Bradberry passionately said, “Also it sucks that (the caf) close(s) at 7. That’s such an inconvenience to everyone. I am hungry by 10 or 11!” Not everyone has experienced hunger after dinner, but it would make life easier for some students, and student-athletes, if they could enjoy a buffet style dinner one hour later into the night.

Riley Hess
Contributing Writer

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