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Unsung Hero Stephanie Kinkaid

February 5, 2016

“My motto is whenever a student comes here, I want to make sure that when they leave my office they feel better.” Stephanie Kinkaid is the Assistant Director of the Wackerle Career and Leadership Program. Stephanie grew up on a farm in Dahinda, IL. She ended up going to college at Illinois State University, where she got a bachelor degree in public relations. Currently she is going to Western to get her master’s degree in leadership and higher education. She has been married for almost 12 years and has three kids. Stephanie ended up moving to Monmouth because her husband is from here. She started working at Monmouth as Dean Condon’s secretary. Dean Condon taught her a lot, like how to work with students and her peers, but most of all Dean Condon taught her how to have confidence in her own abilities. Dean Merritt told her to apply for the Wackerle job and she has been happy working in the Wackerle center ever since because she loves working with college students. When she first moved to the Wackerle Center, she thought she would just be helping students with resumes and cover letters, but she ended up doing a lot of advising students with their careers. Stephanie finds herself helping students who come to her with a fear of not knowing where they will be after college or what jobs to peruse. Stephanie does a great job of helping these students because she relates to them very well. Stephanie said she knows what it is like to sit in that chair and have the uncertainty of not knowing of what you want to do with your life, but she does her best to make sure students leave her office with a smile. When Stephanie is not helping students here at work, she likes to spend her time reading or cooking. Her real passion however, is animal rescue. She loves helping animals however she can. She has taken in three dogs and five cats, and wishes she could help more.

Steven Murphy
Contributing Writer

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