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February fitness and a free Fitbit

February 12, 2016

Fitbit Activity Trackers have become popular accessories in the workout world, and Scots Wellness has taken notice. February Fever is the latest challenge Scots Wellness has put together. It is a point-based challenge where students attend events or get active in order to earn at least 20 out of a possible 27 points. Students have an enticing incentive to participate, because those who earn enought points will get a Scots Wellness water bottle and be entered into a raffle for a chance to win their very own Fitbit.

Points are earned by attending any of the following activities offered: yoga classes, aqua fitness classes, an alcohol speaker and a rock wall class. Additional points can be earned by tweeting selfies to @ScotsWellness Twitter handle using #FebruaryFever and your name. Yoga classes and aqua fitness are worth three points, the alcohol speaker is worth six points, rock wall class is worth four points and selfies are each worth one point. Tracking sheets can be picked up at the desk in Trotter or at Stockdale Office. Dates for all of the events are included on the sheet.

Director of Wellness, Ashley Sims, said, “Our goal is to continue engaging our students with fitness and educational opportunities, enhancing their overall wellness.” Sims was thoughtful when organizing February Fever together by accounting for student’s busy schedules knowing not all events will fit in student’s busy schedules. She specifically added selfies to the challenge to help encourage students to participate because it made reaching 20 points more attainable.

Staff in Trotter have seen first-hand success of the challenges aimed to bring students into the gym. Sam Stone works in Trotter regularly and said “I think Scots Wellness does a great job of getting students in the gym more often. While I am working I notice more students come in when we have a promotion going on like the Fitbit prize for February Fever.”

With only two weeks left in February, yoga classes may be done, but there are still many opportunities that will allow students to earn the 20 points needed to enter the Fitbit raffle. “We set it up so if you have missed the opportunity for yoga classes you can still reach enough points by beginning with aqua fitness and partaking in the rest of our events,” said Sims. She was sure to create a challenge that would be easy for students to take part in and would be both fun and educational.

Scots Wellness works hard to bring activities to campus that will improve the wellness of the student body. Sims said they are currently looking at next month in addition to taking students’ feedback. There is a possibility for another challenge within the semester.

Miranda Jones
Feature Writer

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