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Pain is Temporary

February 12, 2016

The diverse organization Pain Is Temporary has big plans to bring the Monmouth community and Monmouth College before the end of this semester. Pain Is Temporary, (P.I.T.) is a group on campus led by LaShawn Cargo. The group’s goal is to teach individuals that the struggles that they go through can bring them closer together. “We might be different from each other as far as race culture, or ethnicity, religion or social class, but the one thing that brings us together is that we all have some type of struggle, and that struggle unites us,” Cargo said. P.I.T. does several things off-campus to teach individuals, such as going to the local intermediate school to teach about respect, bullying and leadership.

The group is planning an block party to take place later this semester aimed at to uniting students in the Monmouth College community. “We want to create a college atmosphere outside of the campus.” Cargo said. Last semester Cargo was part of a social change event in his citizenship class where he learned that many people in the community do not know what goes on at Monmouth College. “They don’t know the resources the school has to impact the community.” Cargo said, “The College doesn’t know what it can do to impact the community.” Cargo said that P.I.T. wants to be the first organization from Monmouth College to really impact the community with more than just mentoring or volunteer work. P.I.T. wants to be “the bridge” between Monmouth College and the community.

“It doesn’t really feel like a college town,” Cargo said about Monmouth. “When you’re on the Monmouth College campus this is your community, but when you step out, it’s like a whole different feel. You don’t know how much poverty is in the area or how many people need assistance.” P.I.T. hopes that the event will bring the college and the community together for the first time in a big way. Cargo said. P.I.T. hopes that the event will help Monmouth community children see that everyone is united and that they have some type of support system within their community. Cargo said, “We just want to support the children and support the people in the community.”

Timothy Yates
Staff Writer

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