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Scots become world champs

February 12, 2016

Photo courtesy of Dan Nolan

Titans quarterback Alex Tanney isn’t the only Monmouth College alumni in the NFL. 1996 graduate Dave Bratten and Alex’s brother Mitch Tanney, who graduated from Monmouth in 2006, are employed by the Denver Broncos and will soon join 1953 alumni Ken Geiger as former Scots with Super Bowl rings.

“One of the most valuable lessons I learned at Monmouth was how to communicate effectively,” said Mitch Tanney. “You can’t underestimate the power of good communication skills. Presenting information in a way that makes sense to everyone enables us to take the analytical data and try to make better decisions. It’s no different than John Deere or any other company.”

Mitch Tanney went to the Mile High City to join his fellow Fighting Scot as the team’s director of football analytics this past March. Prior to coming to Denver, Mitch served in the same role for the Chicago Bears from 2013-2014.

With the Broncos, Mitch Tanney worked directly with head coach Gary Kubiak by supplying the Denver coach with vital analytics to help Kubiak make coaching adjustments.

“You’ve got to have somebody up there who is totally involved in [data analysis],” said Kubiak, a firm believer in the use of data analysis during games. “I just listen to him, ‘Hey, Mitch, talk to me here. What do you think?’ He’s in my ear the whole time. It’s a very comforting thing.”

From 2006-2009, Mitch Tanney played quarterback in the Arena Football League and other pro leagues while also serving as an assistant coach at Monmouth.

Bratten has been with Denver since 1997 when he came on as a media relations intern. Bratten was promoted to a full-time position prior to the 2000 season. He currently serves as a college scouting coordinator for Denver.

Bratten will now earn his first official ring as a Bronco. His intern position was not enough to earn him a ring in 1998 or 1999.

Anthony Matozzi
Sports Editor

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