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Black History Month

February 19, 2016

February is Black History Month, and Monmouth College students are taking notice. The first celebration of Black History Month dates back to 1970 at Kent State University in Ohio but was not officially recognized by the United States Government until 1976.

Black History Month is now a celebration by all people of prominent African heritage and their accomplishments, as well as events related to African heritage.

Freshman Denzel Johnson weighed in with his thoughts on Black History Month. Johnson said, “There are many things that tie in to being an African American. A few that I think are important are perseverance for whatever the world may throw at us, fighting for equality and continuing on the path that so many men and women died to make possible.”

Several organizations on Monmouth campus also seek to fight for equality. Johnson cites Intercultural Life, Umoja and Colorful Voices of Praise as three groups who are trying to make a better world for the next generation of not only college students but also area children and the future of the country.

Earlier this month, English professor Craig Watson spoke at an event at the Intercultural House that focused on celebrating African American literature. Several DJ’s on 105.9 WPFS are also taking part in Black History Month. Junior Rubi Nogueron has been featuring African American artists who helped shape popular music on her show, “Now Spinning, Now Listening.” Monmouth College will also be hosting a Gospel Explosion this Saturday the 20th. The event will feature Colorful Voices of Praise.

While certain groups are doing their part this Month to celebrate African American heritage, Johnson believes more can still be done. Johnson said, “I think that we have organizations of people who care, it is just not being spread effectively.”

Timothy Yates
Staff Writer

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