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Housing sign ups cause outrage among students

April 8, 2016

Housing sign up is here, and it’s as stressful as ever. Many students know how hard and hectic it is signing up for the hall they would like to live in next year, but this year seems to have been especially stressful, according to some students.

Many upperclassmen are upset that the housing process this year was unfair, as many of them will have to settle for Pattee Hall. Spots in Bowers, Peterson and Founder’s Village filled up unexpectedly fast this year, and several students are unhappy.

“People are just upset because upperclassmen get the raw end half the time and have to live in underclassmen dorms and that shouldn’t happen; they’ve paid their due to the school,” said sophomore Keri Dodson.

Director of Housing Operations John Salazar explained that the housing process is actually multiple processes that makes signing up for housing simple and easy. The first process is block housing. Students in groups of four can apply for block housing and sign up for quads in halls such as Bowers, Peterson or Founder’s Village. This process happens around a month before general housing.

The second process is signing up to keep your same room. This process happens two weeks before general housing. The third process is signing up with someone who kept their same room. The final processes are special needs and gender housing. Students with allergies or other specific needs have the opportunity to sign up one week before general housing.

Finally, students that don’t choose to sign up during those processes will have to sign up for housing during general housing. Salazar insists on making sure this process is understood by students so that they know when to sign up. This process was posted on the MyMC website, sent to student’s mailboxes and sent in emails, so students should know how this process works.

There have been complaints about the numbering process for housing sign-up as well. Seniors are upset that juniors get to sign up for housing before they do, filling up spots and forcing them to live in underclassmen halls.

“I think sign-up should go according to class and credits,” said junior Savannah Reno.

“I feel like this process is very much unorganized,” said Dodson. “Upperclassmen should get first pick and underclassmen should be required to live in underclassmen dorms.”

The numbering process is much simpler than students think. Contrary to popular belief, students are not numbered by GPA. Numbering is determined solely on how many credit hours that student has earned. Credit hours earned and class is the same thing.

Another factor in the numbering process is transfer students and summer classes. Students may bring in extra credits from transferring or taking classes over the summer. This will put them higher up on the list. A student could be in their second year, but also have enough credits to be considered a junior and this is how underclassmen get to sign up earlier.

“I’m not sure where I stand on this, but I think if off-campus housing were an option then upperclassmen wouldn’t be so upset over this, but there’s such limited housing that it gets super competitive,” said junior Matt Engebretsen.

Other schools such as Knox and Grinnell have similar number-based processes, but also offer the opportunity for off-campus housing. Monmouth does not provide off-campus housing in order to give students a closer relationship to the staff and offer opportunities and experiences outside of class that a non-Liberal Arts school cannot provide.

“Monmouth is a four year, Liberal Arts undergrad residential institution. It is our identity and gives the students a sense of community,” said John Salazar.
At this time there are no current plans to change the process of housing sign-up.

Cristian Corbett
News Editor

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