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Nutrition’s magic number is 300

April 15, 2016

Hy-Vee dietician Lauren Wolfrum coined this phrase during the nutrition seminar on Wednesday while talking about eating 300 calories less each day to lose one pound of fat per week. The event was held at Wells Theatre at 6:30 p.m. and covered various topics such as healthy eating, athletes and eating, alcohol and eating and creating a plate in Stockdale.

Wolfrum started her presentation with some quick facts to summarize what most people already know about nutrition, like controlling portion sizes and eating several different fruits and vegetables. She then moved on to the “meat” of her presentation.

The phrase “healthy-eating” was mentioned during the seminar in relation to MyPlate, which was confidently said to have replaced the food pyramid. MyPlate wants people to split plates into fourths which include sections of fruits, grains, vegetables, protein and a glass of milk to wash it all down.

Wolfrum mentioned that the average 5-foot-6-inch 130-pound woman should consume about 1900 calories while the 6-foot-3-inch 190-pound man should consume 2100 calories on a day-to-day basis.

With several athletes in the room, the audience was captivated while Wolfrum talked about what athletes need to do to replenish their energy after a vigorous workout. “Athletes should receive 30 to 40 carbs each hour before and during the workout. After working out, athletes should consume 10 to 20 grams of protein in order to maintain muscle.”

Wolfrum also commented on the fact that athletes tend to consume more protein then they need in order to repair muscle and that people do not need supplements to get stronger. “Everyone can get what they need from eating the right types of food,” said Wolfrum.

The topic then shifted as alcohol was brought into the equation of calories. The mood became lighter as the audience feverishly chuckled while trying to determine how much alcohol per week a college student drinks.

Wolfrum pointed out that an average beer contains 153 calories while wine only contains 108 calories. She continued to say that eating a healthy meal before drinking, or drinking water in between alcoholic beverages can substantially reduce the temptation to order a late-night pizza.
Before finishing the seminar, Wolfrum showed us that Stockdale has a website to view what will be on the menu every day. On this website, the choices can be categorized by amount of fat, calories and whether or not it is vegan.

“I liked how she used real examples of food in our caf to craft some well-rounded meals that we can eat here at school,” said sophomore Tom Cangelosi. Wolfrum pointed out that it is possible to make healthy, balanced meals even in college.

“A healthy diet is all about balance and planning,” said Wolfrum.

Riley Hess
Contributing Writer

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