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Local artists: Brooks Brothers Band

April 22, 2016

Photo courtesy of Timothy Yates - The Brooks Brother Band

If one thing can be determined from this semester’s local artist features, it’s that Monmouth has a history of fostering great music. This point can be observed when watching the Brooks Brothers Band perform. The band consists of Duwayne Brooks on vocals and Dennis Brooks on vocals and aux percussion. The group also includes their cousin, Chris Brooks on drums and vocals. The band is completed by a guitarist and a bassist from Galesburg.

The Brooks Brothers Band has been playing Rock & Roll and R&B covers for more than ten years in the Monmouth community, and they always attract a big crowd. The energy brought to the crowd is why people keep going back. The group radiates positivity and welcomes anyone in the space to get up and dance to their music. People of all ages get up and dance to the music played by the Brooks Brothers.

Dennis Brooks, who recently retired from his position behind the grill in the Monmouth College cafeteria, says that his favorite part is when people get into the music they make. Dennis said, “When someone comes up to you after the show and says ‘Hey man! You guys were really grooving!’ or ‘Gosh! You guys were great!’ that’s my favorite part.” It can be said that they hear these comments a lot.

Highlights of the band’s typical set include songs like their version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Black Magic Woman” which is done in the style of the Santana version. Their cover of the song “Mustang Sally” in which they get the entire audience to sing the chorus, echoing back to the band “Ride, Sally, ride!” and they’re closing song, a cover of “Just My Imagination,” in which they introduce every member of the group followed by that member performing a solo on their respective instrument is a classic move.

The group is a big supporter of other Monmouth musicians, and they have become key players in getting Monmouth College students into the community to perform. During a typical Brooks Brothers set, the band will take breaks, allowing some Monmouth College musicians to fill in the gap by playing some of their own covers or original songs.

The Brooks Brothers are an inspiring local group. Their talent and experience puts them above the rest, and their love for music in general makes them one of the best acts to see in the Monmouth area.

Timothy Yates
Staff Writer

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