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CSB custodian graduates with cheers from her peers

April 29, 2016

Michelle Ravel / The Courier

Some of students may recognize her as a classmate, and others may remember seeing her bright face in CSB. Her name is Belinda Hall, and she will be a proud graduate of Monmouth College this May.

Hall began working for Monmouth College in 2004, cleaning the old student houses on the west side of campus. The following January, she began working full time where she moved locations to the Huff Athletic Center. After that, she was moved to Stockdale Center, then to Bowers and Grier, back to Stockdale and then eventually to the CSB. Even when working full time, Hall would come in an hour early to work until she took a break from the classes. In the spring 2013, a second shift position became available. This was Hall’s opportunity. She put in a bid for second shift, which was granted, and began school full time.

Hall speaks positively of the experience she has had at Monmouth College. Since she had already completed business classes at Sauk Valley Community College, it has only taken Hall two years to achieve her Bachelor’s Degree. “I’ll actually really miss going to class,” Hall thought. Although she feels every professor has been extremely helpful and understanding, she remembered one time when she had to call Julie Rothbardt very early in the morning. Professor Rothbardt was on her way to work and helped Hall complete an Excel problem, step-by-step. “I remember that first class, feeling nervous of how other students would perceive me, but after that my nerves settled,” she continued.

Hall is a student who truly enjoys learning in class, the classes she takes and her classmates. “I’ll miss going to class, all the students. I’ll miss the seniors, the people in my class,” she reflected. Hall is not only an accomplished student and hard-worker, but she also cares about the community at Monmouth College and the support she has received while studying here.

Originally from Dixon, IL, Hall moved to Monmouth when she was 18 to be with her parents. Hall also has two sons, David, 25 and Sam, 22, of California. “At first he (Sam) thought it was a little weird,” said Hall about her son’s reaction to finishing her degree. “But when I got my award, he sent me thumbs up. He’s really proud,” Hall laughed. She was the recipient of the Wallace H. Dorthy Business Department award. After a successful time at Monmouth College, Hall is ready to graduate so things at home, like being able to have a family dinner, will go back to normal.

Kiersten Davison
Contributing Writer

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