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International students bid their farewells

April 29, 2016

Michelle Ravel / The Courier - International Students Margaret Savage and Matt Robinson prepare to return to their home country of Ireland.

As the spring semester winds down, we start the long list of goodbyes, seniors as they head to the real world, friends for the summer and international students as they head back from their home away from home. The international students will be extremely missed as they became close friends with a lot of students here, and added a lot to Monmouth College. Coming to America was a big decision for them to make. Margaret Savage, an international student from Ireland, said, “I was really nervous about coming here; it was something I would have never imagined I would ever do. It was hard to leave my family and friends for so long but I am so glad I did it. I have met so many amazing people and got to see so many different places.”

There are a lot of differences here to which international students have to adapt. Irish international student, Matt Robinson, said, “Living in America has been a really great and interesting experience. The rural Midwest is culturally very different to what I am used to.” Another big difference Robinson explained was the differences in climate between here and Ireland. Matt prefers the climate here. Savage said another really nice difference for her was the liberal arts college experience, which gave her the opportunity to take classes that were not related to her major.

A lot of the international students did a lot of traveling during their time here. Robinson has been able to travel to Chicago and San Francisco, which were some of the highlights of his time here in America. Savage was also able to travel while in the United States. She was able to go to New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia and she even had to chance to visit Chicago for the St. Patrick’s Day parade, where she was able to see the river turn green which was something she had always wanted to see.

Stephen Murphy
Contributing Writer

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