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School year ends on a positive note

April 29, 2016

Institutions of higher learning in Illinois received welcome and surprising news Friday that the General Assembly had passed funding that could be allocated for MAP grants, Governor Rauner has reportedly greed to sign the bill.

This announcement impacted Monmouth College’s Board of Trustees meeting over the weekend. Despite the funding promised from legislators, the Board decided they must still hold to their plan to limit pay raises and increases in other operating expenses.

“As I said to the Board, that is great news because we had pretty much written off the 2015-2016 money,” said President Clarence Wyatt. “Our assumption had been at this point was to let 2015-2016 slide, so seeing that legislation had actually passed that the government was going to sign that legislation that would fund at 100% fall 2015 and the indication in that same message that spring 2016 would be coming was wonderful news. For us, both for 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, our students have been promised about $2.6 million dollars of that funding, so getting that $1.3 million will be great help.”

There are several “howevers” still hovering out there. First, Monmouth College has yet to receive $1.3 for fall of 2015. President Wyatt explained that while they have been told the funds have been expedited, he will believe it only when the funds are in the account. The second “however” is that while the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) is hopeful that spring 2016 is going to come through, there is no legislation to move that forward.

Aside from these new developments surrounding MAP grants, the Board also discussed campus-related issues.

This summer, Aramark is footing the bill for $500,000 worth of renovations to Scotland Yard. While VP for Finance and Business Richard Marshall will provide the community with more details, this renovation will replace equipment to increase efficiency as well as offer new meal choices selected through Aramark’s market testing of Monmouth College students.

Marshall will also be sharing new plans to renovate the underclassmen dorms located on Ninth Street. Wyatt explained that this will be a two to three year project that will include the installation of air conditioning units and “much needed” bathroom renovations.

The next full Board of Trustees meeting will take place in October, and the topic of budget will be brought up again on the agenda concerning MAP grant funding.

Julianna Graf
Editor in Chief

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