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Unsung Hero

April 29, 2016

Have you ever wondered who has to type out Professor McMillan’s twenty page exams? Well look no further than CSB’s front desk lady, Johanna Ferguson. Being the first person anyone sees when entering the front doors of CSB Johanna is always friendly with a big smile and a hello. Johanna is a new face around Monmouth College having just began her job there earlier this year.

She spends the mornings assisting Center for Science and Business professors with anything they need done, this includes; typing out exams that were hand written, making copies and typing up faculty minutes. Johanna enjoys her work days and getting to say talk to students and professors who stop by her desk in the mornings.

She also enjoys being able to assist the Monmouth College professors, saying “It’s nice being able to assist these professors that seem to care about their students so much, I also have quite a few students stop by my desk and say hello, and ask how I’m doing which is really nice and makes my day.”

In the afternoons Johanna works as a receptionist at a local salon. At that job she gets to work around friends and community members and if you’re ever in need of an emergency haircut be sure to let her know, she’s very good with the scheduling and fitting people in. Johanna has a big family at home that she is infinitely proud of. After a long day she gets to come home to her boisterous husband Eric and their three children Ethan, Grace and Max. They also have two dogs named Si and Oscar which add to their enjoyment.

Johanna has a lot of hobbies she enjoys but the one she is most passionate about is boating. On any given sunny weekend you could find her laid back on a boat or lawn chair on the sandbar with family and friends enjoying the summer weather. Her and her family have always had a love for the water and they enjoy spending time together boating and fishing at their family cabin on the Mississippi. They also enjoy family vacations always taking at least one a year to either visit family in South Carolina or the Lake of the Ozarks.

Johanna is very passionate about both her family and work and will continue to help the professors in the CSB, in any way she can for many more years to come.

Matt Bertelsen
Contributing Writer

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