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Student Request for more Water Filtration Systems

May 2, 2016

Have you ever been running on the treadmill in the Trotter Fitness Center and went over to the drinking fountain to quench your thirst? Or have you ever stopped at the various drinking fountains throughout the Center for Science and Business or Wallace Hall? You do not have to be a freshman or a senior to realize that the Monmouth water tastes anything but good. It just takes one swig of the warm, ironish-tasting water from one of these drinking fountains to deter someone from only using these fountains as a last resort. However, this is still an area of concern for most students.

For our final project in our COMM 335 class, we hope to have Monmouth College establish three additional Pure Water Cooler Systems around campus, specifically in Huff Athletic Center, the Center for Science and Business, and Wallace Hall.

Join our a COMM 335 Protest Project by posting your problems with dehydration, excessive water bottle usage, or just to rant about the irony tasting water by liking Mch2oirony on Twitter and Facebook. Let’s stand together and bring three new water systems to our campus.

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