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New Faculty

September 16, 2016

New staff member, Sherry Bair, has decided to take her talents to Monmouth College. Professor Bair has always been a Mid-Western girl originally born and raised in Iowa. One of Bair’s most interesting hobbies consists of renovating houses in her free time. Rebuilding houses gives a sense of accomplishment and pride that cannot be explained with words.

While Bair is not tearing apart and rebuilding houses, her passion is based upon teaching students about Math. There was a certain goal she personally wanted to accomplish during her career as a professor. She firmly believes that some students and children at some point hit a wall in mathematics where they get stuck, frustrated, and confused. At this point teachers are used to trying to get the child to comprehend their way of learning, instead of taking time to understand how the student is processing the equation. The impact that Bair wanted to have during her career is to change the way of teaching so that professors don’t teach students the way they think it should be taught, but instead help understand what the student is thinking in their mind in order to help them process equations. Many students do not enjoy Math, because it isn’t taught to them correctly and this was the incentive that made Bair want to become a professor within the Math Department to make a change.

Bair is a wise and experienced professor who has been teaching for thirty-eight years. Her studies in college started at the University of Dubuque where she got her bachelors. After that she received her masters at Northeast Missouri University and achieved her PHD at University of Missouri. Along with all this education she has also had thirty-eight years of teaching under her belt already! Her teaching career has consisted of teaching in the Math department at the college level for Truman College, West Des Moines, Illinois State College, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, and now at Monmouth College. She was an extremely interesting and entertaining person to talk to. If you ever want to speak to her, her room is located on the middle floor of Wallace hall, room 203.

Bair was quick to say that she enjoys working and living in Monmouth, IL. She was missing the environment and the change in seasons. Another reason she was happy to be here is because the community is very welcoming and comforting. Her neighbors immediately introduced themselves and became friends. Students in the classroom are polite, have potential with learning, and smaller classrooms are nice instead of having massive classes where you can’t put a name to a face. She enjoys being in the Liberal Arts environment just as she was during her days at Dubuque University. Bair likes the fact that it is an a broad study that is progressive to how individuals grow intellectually.

Will Podbelsek
Contributing Writer

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