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The G/S Alliance: Monmouth-Roseville High School’s own Spectrum

September 16, 2016

LGBT rights and related groups have joined the forefront of school organizations and clubs in recent years. Monmouth College has Spectrum, a group seeking to “provide an educational environment for those seeking knowledge of acceptance and diversity”, and now, Monmouth Roseville High School has gained a similar organization as well.

MRHS is now home to the Titans Gay/Straight Alliance group. “…we use the group to both advocate equality and as a safe space.” Said Joey Crawford, current president of the G/S Alliance. The Monmouth GSA has participated in both the National Day of Silence and has also hung up posters around the school for Transgender Day of Remembrance, and “plans to take part in more activities.”, according to Crawford.

When asked what they would like to say to the public about the new group, Crawford said “…that the GSA is a peaceful, inclusive club. I’d like to thank our principal for approving [us] and letting us do what we do.”

“I think it’s very important to have groups like this.” said Ethan Hager, a Junior at Monmouth College and an MRHS Alum. “In rural towns like this, prejudice can often be a problem. Monmouth tends to be less problematic, I think, but it definitely still happens. Seeing social progress spreading back to my old school is very refreshing. Hopefully we see more of this in other towns.”

When asked what he thought about a G/S Alliance being formed when he still attended MRHS, Hager said “I don’t know. I think it could have been done, but it likely would have experienced more backlash from other students or even parents. It’s pretty amazing just how far we’ve come in a few short years.”

“I’d like to see Spectrum and the GSA work together on community events. The two groups could do a lot for the LGBT community of Monmouth together.” Added Hager.

The Monmouth-Roseville High School Gay Straight Alliance meets after school every Wednesday.

Sean Paulsgrove
Contributing Writer

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