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Young Volleyball teams holds own at away games

September 16, 2016

While taking some time to adjust playing at the college level, the young women’s volleyball team has been making progress every day, both mentally and physically. This past Saturday, September 10, fighting scots volleyball set out on the road to play the extremely competitive team of University of Wisconsin-Platteville and Alverno College. With 16 girls on the team, only 3 were injured and could not play over this past weekend.

The games against Platteville resulted in a 0-3 loss, but Hayle Hintz, returning senior, was pleased with the progress of her team and stated: “They [Platteville] were bigger than us for sure but we have some freshman, who not only are athletic and have the skills to make big differences in games, but also the attitude to pick each other up and stay motivated while playing strong competition like Platteville”.

Becca Dabrowski (MH), remembers 3 players standing out and really carrying the team through the intense games, those individuals being “Hayle Hintz (OH/RS) for her positive, up-beat attitude; Anissa Jackson (DS) because of her determination to make every play better; and Laura Dulee (S) for stepping up as a leader and really pushing herself to communicate and encourage the team”.

The fighting scots volleyball team did not come up short against Alverno College this weekend with a win 3-1. Hayle Hintz explains that the games against Alverno College was a win because “we play so well as a team and we are an athletic team that will continue to get faster and better conditioned throughout the season”. The team gets along very well and they click on the court, which is something every team desires, but does not always achieve.

Laura Dulee (S), had phenomenal games while playing all around the court. She has positive energy and attitude that adds to the team’s bright atmosphere. Anissa Jackson (L), Carly Bergerhouse (DS), and Justine Bodenharmer (OH), hustled hard in backrow to speed up the offense of the front row. Lauren Sperry (MH) and Ashley Farris (OH) added height to the front row while being aggressive hitters as freshmen. Becca Dabrowski (MH) has been known to bring a competitive edge to the front row for her team. Ali Gustafson (OH) is trusted to be consistent and aggressive when she plays all-around the court.

With such positive attitude and enthusiasm, it is safe to say that volleyball team has high expectations and will not disappoint during the next upcoming games.

Gianna Micelli
Features Editor

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