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American Horror Story season recap

September 23, 2016

After almost a year, Americans are finally at ease, American Horror Story is back. We can finally stop getting angry with all the false teasers. Although we know what the overall theme is this season, after the season premier, there are more questions than answers. But, before I get into this season, lets go back through time and honor this wonderful blessing of a show and recap the seasons from worst to best.

Season 4: Freak Show
This season takes place in Florida. It is basically about a circus with people instead of animals with no audience. Jessica Lange runs the show and hopes to make a name for her “monsters”. Several freaks are killed for money and there are plenty of intimate scenes for those who enjoy it. The writing was phenomenal, but for some reason, it bored me and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. So, I rate this season 5th.

Season 5: Hotel
This season was all sorts of confusing. However, Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer were in it. Therefore, it couldn’t possibly be bad. This season was about dead people in a hotel that were mad that they were dead, basically. Oh, and vampires, kid vampires. Anyone who normally entered the hotel was brutally murdered in his or her room. There was a cop who tried to find the “10 Commandments Killer”, but it turned out to be himself. Weird. This season was confusing at most, which is why I give it 4th.

Season 2: Asylum
This season was awesome, because it’s an asylum. What more could you ask for. The plot was simple: A reporter admitted herself into an asylum to find out what really goes down. All is fine until she tries to leave but turns into an actual mental patient. When she does leave, a doctor kidnaps her. It is a great storyline and it has historical significance. I gave this season 3rd.

Season One: Murder House
This story takes place in 2011 in a mansion in Los Angeles. The family (Ben, Vivien, and Violet) moves in to a restored home and soon encounters the former residents of the property. It takes about the whole season for the family to figure out that anyone who dies on the property stays on the property. A lot of crazy stuff goes down and I enjoy the basic haunting. So, I rate this season 2nd.

Season 3: Coven
This season is about witches. I did enjoy the frat party in the first episode and when Zoe flips a bus full of the frat boys for raping her friend. This season basically is about witches in a coven and they are almost extinct and are trying to find a new Supreme. There are some sub storylines, which are easily the goriest part of the series, but I’ll let you watch for yourself. It is gruesome and sexy at the same time, so I rate it 1st.

The current season is titled My Roanoke Nightmare. Roanoke is an early settlement of America that is essentially remembered as the Lost Colony. There has only been one episode thus far and it already reminds me of the first season, which is enough to make me scream like the fan girl that I am. The set up is different, the characters are different, and I am just hyped to see what this season has to offer.

Mikaela McKenney
Contributing Writer

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