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Explore career options on campus

September 23, 2016

On Tuesday, September 20, the Wackerle Career and Leadership program put on a short informational seminar by Wackerle Director Marnie Dugan, who spoke about career exploration and getting yourself out into the working world.

Dugan highlighted four steps that are essential for the career planning process; Taking advantage of self-assessment opportunities, exploring a variety of career options, narrowing down your career choices, and finally setting career goals.

“A person’s strengths and interests will ultimately guide where they want to end up after college.”

Dugan spoke about how analyzing one’s self is the first step in determining what career is best fit for that person.

It was mentioned that once a person understands what they like and dislike, they can move on to the exploration stage of career planning. A great website that can be found through the Wackerle page is called “Focus 2,” which helps generate different career options.

Through “Focus 2,” a student can analyze themselves based on their skills, interests, personality, values, and even leisure interests. When searching through the possible career choices, the website even includes the courses a student should pursue at our school, as well as the career’s national median salary.

The seminar also notes that internships and job shadowing opportunities are great ways to gain experience in any field as well as seeing if the job that someone dreamed about is really all that it’s cracked up to be. Dugan emphasized, “We through the Wackerle Center can help with internships. There are a variety of different resources available for all students.”

An important point was made that when a student begins to look towards their future career, they need to talk with family members and friends who have direct and non-direct relations to that career. Dugan shares that networking and “selling yourself” are under-appreciated aspects during a job search that has been proven to be beneficial.

During the seminar, a student commented that they want to end up in the entertainment industry, and Dugan already had a contact in mind.

“[Ed Wimp] is coming to visit in February and is extremely connected. He has been a road manager for the band Earth, Wind, and Fire.” That student, if they decide to act, now has a future contact just because they went to the Career Exploration seminar.

Dugan wants the students of Monmouth College to know that the Wackerle Center is there for anyone who wants to explore their career options and they are always happy to help.

Riley Hess
News Editor

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