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I stayed in my hometown to go to college, so what’s the big deal?

September 23, 2016

Photo courtesy of Samantha Fisher

Senior year rolled around and everyone was talking about how excited they were for college. And I was too. Only I was judged for my decision while you thought your decision was way better than mine.

So yes I am a townie. What’s a townie you ask? To sum it up I am that person that grew up in her hometown and instead of leaving my hometown to attend a college I did something that apparently is absurd and I stayed. Many looked down at my decision. Stating that “their college is better than mine” or that “they will be getting the college experience and I won’t” well guess what jokes on you.

Yes. I had plans to leave and never look back but unfortunately my college was offering me money while my dream school wasn’t. Many think that I just “settled” when in fact it is the opposite. I didn’t “settle” I made a choice and there is a difference. Your theory on how my life is in college is very wrong and extremely offensive.

So I didn’t travel 3 hours away to a big city so that I could take the subway to travel downtown, and I didn’t go to someplace far away, and God forbid I decided to not go away because of high school drama. Multiple people think “I can’t stay at home because I hated high school” last time I checked I wasn’t in high school. You can hate high school all you want but let me explain something that apparently seems to be a little unclear. I am in college not high school I do not attend high school I do not see anyone from high school and I sure as hell don’t get involved in high school drama. So that theory is stupid and irrelevant.

I thought that this was a common knowledge thing but obviously not so I will say it. My college is one of the top schools in the state. So no your college is not “better than mine” you do not “get a better education than me” and you sure as hell aren’t “living a better life than me” How would you like it if I constantly insulted your choice in college, or judged you for leaving for college? No matter where you go you will get an education so your theory is stupid and once again irrelevant. Here’s the crazy thing if you hated your hometown as much as you say you did then why are you so concerned that some people stayed in that town that you apparently “hate”.

I am so sorry that we all don’t have a Starbucks right across the street or a downtown to walk around. But just because you have those things doesn’t make you better than me. The fact that you judge another college that much is pathetic and sad. So yes I stayed in my hometown to go to college so what’s the big deal?! I have a completely different life that has nothing to do with high school. I am so happy that you love your college to death but guess what, so do I. So before you go out of your way to “feel sorry for others who didn’t go away” or share that we “aren’t living the life” or that we “will never get to experience the real world” think again because jokes on you and I love my college and I love being a townie. So guess what I am living the life whether you are 5 minutes or 5 hours always from your college you will still get the college life. So do yourself and me a favor and stop wasting your time insulting my college because that’s what we did in high school and last time I checked you were “getting far away from high school”

Reprinted with permission of the author. The original version of this story can be found on The Odyssey

Samantha Fisher
Contributing Writer

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