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It was worth the antici…….pation!

September 23, 2016

A Rocky Horror Picture Show review

Photo courtesy of Galen Hughes

My Saturday night consisted of laughing, screaming, laughing more, and getting to experience a late night show one would not soon forget.

It all started out with the MC Improv Team performing some of their skits and games that had the audience’s sides hurting from all the laughter, and the main show hadn’t even started yet. *I highly recommend going to one of their shows, they were hilarious!*

After the Improv Team finished up, Rif Raf asked everyone who had a big ‘V’ written on their forehead to come forward, (with the ‘V’ indicating, myself included, that a person was a live Rocky Horror Picture Show virgin, since they had never attended one before), and announced it was time for the Orgasm Scream competition. A huge mass of the full house audience converged onto the front stage, was split down the middle, and the contest began. Each side had to give their best impression of an orgasm scream, and then the losing side would sit down. This continued until one lucky person was named the Orgasm Scream Champion (no, it was not me).

I don’t think I have ever laughed that much in such a short period of time, and the movie just started. What is great about these showings is that you can talk as much, or as little as you want, in whatever volume of voice you choose. These showings encourage the audience to interact with props and sarcastic comments, allowing an audience member to just speak their mind. The cast members helped the audience know when certain timing was for a certain prop, since so many of us had never attended a live showing before. The audience got to celebrate a wedding with bubbles, cover our heads with newspaper as a rainstorm happened inside the theater, do the Time Warp, throw a piece of toast to take part in the toast in the movie, and several other big prop cues that were scattered throughout the film.

The whole night was a thrill and if you ever have a chance to attend one of the live showings, I highly encourage it.

A big thank you to the cast and crew for all of you efforts – it was a night I will not soon forget, and I look forward doing the Time Warp AGAIN!

Antonetta Axup
Contributing Writer

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