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Kylie Jenner Lip Kit recieves mixed reviews

September 23, 2016

There has been quite a bit of buzz going around about the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits. They go up for sale online and minutes later, they are completely sold out. However, controversies have risen about the price versus the quality of Kylie Jenner’s products. Makeup artist Karen Gonzalez tried out one of the products herself to see what all the fuss was about. She chose to test out Dolce K, which was similar to a matte light-brownish nude- a shade that she also mentioned not many brands even make because the fear of the formula cracking easily. She was pleasantly surprised when she found the lipstick was actually packed with moisture. Gonzalez also explained that only after five hours, did she have to reapply the product and it was only to touch up the middle section of her lips.

Another makeup lover, Elizabeth Denton, did a review on the lip kits as well. She chose to test out Candy K, which she described as a dark nude color. Elizabeth also wore the product for an extended amount of time, ate a sandwich, drank water, and she too was amazed by how long it lasted. She gave her Kylie Jenner Lip Kit a B+ and explained that $29 for both the matte lipstick and the lip liner was actually a decent deal compared to some other popular brands.

While the quality of the product seemed to be above and beyond some people’s expectations, there have been many complaints about service.The distinct packaging for Kylie’s lip kits makes it very common for the product to be tampered with, or even stolen, during the process of shipping. One customer claimed their package arrived with no product. Other girls have posted on Twitter about their lip kits arriving, but the applicator brushes were frayed. In addition to having these issues, many claim it is extremely difficult to contact customer service. One customer exclaimed “This whole makeup line feels like a scam, research into her company before buying anything! It’s not worth it. There should be a better system in place than sending an email to customer service hoping that someone will respond at one time or another.”

Savannah Reno
Contributing Writer

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