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Lochte protesters storm dancing with the stars stage

September 23, 2016

Tensions on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars were even higher than usual on last Monday’s live show when protesters ran onto the stage after a performance by Ryan Lochte and partner Cheryl Burke. Lochte, though proving himself to be decent on the ballroom floor, failed to dance his way into the hearts of everyone in the audience. The protesters who made their way to the floor were two men who were unhappy with Lochte and the way he handled himself in the Rio Olympic games. Along with these protesters, chants could also be heard from the crowd against Lochte and four women were escorted out of the venue for chanting and sporting anti-Lochte shirts.

Audience members were able to film and post videos of the protesters running on stage and being tackled by security, but ABC did not show this on the live show, but did show Lochte and the judge’s reactions to people running on stage and being taken down. While the two men did make it onto the ballroom floor, they were quickly detained and escorted out of the building.

The Olympic gold medalist started to gain attention in Rio for more than his swimming when he claimed that he was robbed at gunpoint during his time in the city. Rio police officers later found this statement to be untrue and Lochte along with three other swimmers in question were actually the vandals in the situation he described. Lochte apologized for not telling the truth about what happened in an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer, saying he over-exaggerated and he was embarrassed about what he did.

Lochte’s actions upset more than just audience members of Dancing with the Stars. His behavior in the Rio games was reviewed by the United States Olympic Committee and deemed not acceptable and not representative of the majority of U.S. Olympic athletes. A “hashtag” even circulated on social media outlets such as Twitter, with users posting their opinions of the situation and ending the posts with the tag, #LochteGate.

Ryan Lochte may have messed up in Rio, but hopefully that does not stop his Dancing with the Stars career. During the second round of the show on Monday the 19th, the pair scored a 6 from each judge, and will move on to the next round. To see how Lochte and Burke progress and to possibly see more stage storming, check out Dancing with the Stars Monday at 8 P.M. on ABC.

Kaelin Sommer
Contributing writer

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