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New Beginnings – Michelle Damian

September 23, 2016

Professor Damian may be scared by the size of the bugs here in Monmouth, but she isn’t afraid of teaching in a totally different environment. Damian last taught History at Harvard and before that at USC for a combined total of 6 years. Obviously, Massachusetts and California are very different from Monmouth but Damian said “I hope to become a better teacher, adapt to the new environment and get to know these students”. The newest professor added to the history department specializes in East Asian history, which hasn’t been taught at MC for 20 years. Damian also talked about how great the students have been in asking questions and being interested in the subject.

Damian grew up in Buffalo, NY then her family moved to Massachusetts. Damian visited California a few times and fell in love with the Bay Area, which led to her taking her undergrad courses in Asian studies at UC Berkeley. After Berkeley, Damian worked in Japan for 7 years as an international marketing coordinator. Damian then thought she wanted to talk about Asia from museums, so, she went to George Washington University to get a degree in Museum studies. Next, she discovered the art of underwater archaeology and got a degree in nautical archaeology from East Carolina University. Damian didn’t stop there though; she went on to study Japanese History at USC and then did one more year of post-doctorate work at Harvard University.

Michelle Damian likes a lot of things about Monmouth College; she likes the liberal arts approach and the fact that we get well versed in disciplines outside of our majors. The thing she likes the most about her opportunity at MC is the freedom she has to teach a new course and really bring Asia to our campus. Damian’s hobbies include diving, traveling to national parks, baking, and hanging out with her cat. Damian has a mother and step-father in South Carolina and a brother in Maine. Damian said she will miss the Japanese food most about Boston, along with missing her brother and friends that were close by. It is evident that the newest addition to the history department here at MC brings a very unique view and a lot of passion for her subject.

Wesley Grant
Contributing Writer

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