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Student enrollment lowest since ’03

September 23, 2016

The Department of Institutional Research and Analytics at Monmouth College prepared a report revealing a notable decline in fall enrollment. The status of fall enrollment this year compared to past years is significantly lower. Sitting at 1,154 students, enrollment is down 69 students from 2014 and dropped 149 students from 2015.

Christine Johnston, Director of Institutional Research and Analytics, is working to create a system of data sharing in order to develop a full and regular schedule of reports throughout the academic year. This compilation of data is the first effort by the college to share such information.

In an email sent out last week to faculty and staff of the college, Johnston stated, “The incoming class is 56% male, 44% female. The mid 50% of the ACT is 20 – 26 and the GPA is 3.0 – 3.69. The average ACT this year held steady at 22.4, last year we had nearly a full point increase. Out of state students make up 15% of the first time freshmen and International students make up 8% of the first time freshmen.”

In the report is a chart showing the head count of fall enrollment since 1999 to the present. 2003 had an almost identical enrollment number at 1,162 students. Just seven years ago, in 2009, the college had a fall enrollment of 1,379 students, an all time high in recent years.

The total number of out of state students is 117 with a total of 85 international students. The current class distribution is 298 seniors, 281 juniors, 244 sophomores, and 316 freshmen.

The purpose of this report is to ensure faculty and staff at the college are aware of the makeup of all students. “We all work with our students individually in the classroom, in our offices, and in the full range of performances and competitions but none of us works with all of our students as a whole,” Johnston explained in the email.

Future reports prepared by the Department of Institutional Research and Analytics will help faculty and staff have a better understanding of the entire student body. Plans for future reports are to be shared annually.

Miranda Jones
Co-Editor in Chief

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