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Kappa holds third annual pancake breakfast

September 30, 2016

Michelle Ravel / The Courier

The women of Kappa Kappa Gamma fed plenty of hungry students and raised money at their third annual pancake breakfast last Saturday. It was hosted by Petey’s Bar & Grill in Monmouth and ran from 8-10 A.M. The event was coordinated by Kappa philanthropy chair Barbara Pajor and Petey’s owner Kevin Cerar. .

“This year our chapter will be donating proceeds from the event to the Jamieson Center in Monmouth, which assists with food security and social services in town,” said Pajor. “Many of my sisters including myself have volunteered through the Jamieson Center or realize the importance of supporting this organization.”

Those who attended the event were presented with a buffet style meal, with foods such as bacon, eggs, sausage, and of course, pancakes. Members of the sorority bussed tables and acted as waitresses as well.
“This year it looked like we had a bigger turnout since it was held at Petey’s instead of in Galesburg,” said junior member Sarah Merodio. “I think everyone who came seemed to enjoy it more this year since it was a buffet style and there were more breakfast options.”

The sorority raised around $1100 in total after the event. “I think that it is difficult to change venues after having the event in another location for years, but Kevin has offered to host our event at Petey’s in the future, so I think that the coming years will be even more successful,” said Pajor. “Again, one of the greatest appeals other than location was the many food options that Petey’s offered to us. People that attend are also very generous with donations.”

“We had a wonderful turnout this year, it was great to see members of other Greek organizations come and support us,” said senior Kappa Cassidy Neely. “I think it was a better year because it was closer than last year’s breakfast.”

“Next year I think that the event can be more successful if it increases awareness of the event on campus,” said Pajor. “Facebook and ticket sales were one way we did that this year. I think a great selling point is the great food that Petey’s has to offer for a reasonable price.”

Cristian Corbett
Co-Editor in Chief

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