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Monmouth College Improve puts on first performance

September 30, 2016

Michelle Ravel / The Courier

Corny jokes and mental hoax were the name of the game at 7:00 P.M. on Friday night at Dahl Chapel. The Monmouth College Improv group performed for the student body who attended the hour long show.

Performers did multiple sets of scenarios and games to amuse the audience. The humor used on stage was unexplainable. The improv team had many pieces that put together their team. These pieces coexisted, working together in order to make the team sound as one. You could see that these teammates have been working with each other for quite some while and worked together fluently. The cast kept the audience laughing throughout most of the performance.

At the beginning of the show they started off with a practice round called “Freeze.” This was a crowd favorite that gave a good opportunity for the performers to express themselves without any categories given. Alexi Licata and Katie Robertson both agreed that this was one of their favorite performances that were demonstrated to entertain the crowd. You could see the reactions of the crowd were positive and lively. The audience was even more infatuated with the fact that the performers were asking for volunteers later on to come up and participate in the routines.

Elizabeth Smith said, “Getting the audience involved gives the crowd excitement and makes our performance more comical.” Keeping the audience involved was smart, because you see on occasions with on-campus events that sometimes lack of audience participation leads to shows not being as entertaining for the performers. The improv group did an excellent job of engaging its audience and keeping them involved. This particular event for improv took place at Dahl Chapel, but are usually held at Scotland Yard.

Will Podbelsek
Contributing Writer

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