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Admissions office ups enrollment efforts

October 7, 2016

Three weeks ago our school newspaper released its second issue of the year that included an article about how enrollment is at its lowest since 2004. Since then, there has been much discussion and many questions regarding our school’s enrollment efforts.

Many students have had concerns that, because of the low enrollment numbers in comparison to the past, our school would be on its way down the drain. Sophomore Jake Hall said, “I am worried that the lower numbers will negatively affect the school in some way. I am not sure how, but hopefully nothing too drastic.”

According to Dean Timmerman this is all according to plan. Dean Timmerman said, “Two years ago we implemented a new approach to enrollment to strengthen the institution and did so knowing that our enrollment in the near term would decline, but then we would build it back up from a stronger base.” Not only is enrollment on the correct path, but out-of-state students who attend Monmouth are up fifteen percent.

Timmerman also mentioned that the goal of admissions is not only finding students to come to Monmouth College, but also getting them to stay longer than a semester or year. Regarding the enrollment report, Director of Institutional Research and Analytics, Chris Johnston shared, “We wanted to share this campus wide, so we were all aware that we have students from many different states and countries….but most importantly of course they are all Monmouth College students.”

Other students are curious about how our school is responding to the lack of MAP grant money flowing through Illinois. Junior Sebastian Hernandez said, “I rely on the MAP grant. I was worried I might have to leave this school when I heard the budget didn’t pass.” Nick Spaeth, VP of Admission, revealed that even though that the state of Illinois may be scaring away students to other states, Monmouth College’s admissions team is constantly putting in effort to enrollment.

Spaeth said, “Given the significant challenges presented by the state of Illinois’ inability to pass a budget and fund the MAP grant, which caused significant numbers of college bound Illinois residents to leave the state this year, we’re pleased with the fact that we enrolled more new students this year than last.” With all of the commotion in the financial sphere of Illinois, Monmouth College is able to rise up and fulfill the enrollment goals set by the admissions team.

Riley Hess
News Editor

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