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October 7, 2016

There are many new faces on the Monmouth faculty this year. However, for Stephanie Baugh that is not the case. Baugh has been a part of the Fighting Scot family for twelve years now. She first arrived to campus in 2005 as a lecturer in Art and Educational studies. Until just this year she was asked to be a full time faculty member in the Art Department teaching graphic design and print making. She also teaches the freshman integrated studies course, ILA.

Before coming to Monmouth Baugh received her bachelors in Fine Arts at the University of Montevallo, received her Masters of Art Education from the University of Georgia, and received her Masters of Fine Arts from Goddard College. She is originally from Huntsville, Alabama.

When asked what excited her most about working in the Art department Baugh stated, “I respect the work the rest of the faculty has done and their dedication, passion, and commitment to the students here at Monmouth College.” There are many things that she is hoping to bring to her art but the main things being appreciation and critical analysis of artwork. She also hopes students learn to search for the ways art has meaning and how it conveys that meaning.

As to what she would like to take away from the students at Monmouth College, Stephanie gave many reasons, the main reason being “inspiration, the students constantly come up with new and creative solutions to the problems that I give them that I would never think they would come up with; it is amazing.”

Some advice Baugh has for her art students and all students at Monmouth College is: “Whenever possible slow down on the act of judging, don’t judge too quickly. Because when you sit back and look at the bigger picture you may realize that your judgments were wrong.”

Tia Robertson
Contributing Writer

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