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Pinterest fails at their finest

October 7, 2016

Embarrassment is one of the pleasantries in which the internet thrives on. Who doesn’t enjoy a good “nailed it” fail? The hilarity that ensures when people try to accomplish the near impossible when making an effort at a new make up fad, creative baking tips, and DIY crafts from Pinterest that can leave a face, new craft, or kitchen a mess.

One of the more popular fails among college students includes the 1-minute brownie in a mug. When the recipe promises 60 seconds to chocolate molten heaven with minimal ingredients, it is hard to resist the temptation. Easy right? Just one minute in the microwave and you have a perfect brownie in a mug.

However, more often than not it turns into a molten lava-explosion that leaves Pinteresters dumbfounded. It’s probably best to stick to the oven for baking projects.

Another popular fail, that I’m sure we will be seeing a lot of on campus coming up soon, is the T-shirt scarf. Scarves are a great and cute way to look fancy and accessorize while staying warm and snug. Especially if it means that you can get rid of an old T-shirt.

But in most cases the confusing instructions on Pinterest leave its consumers wearing a scarf that looks like Michael Meyers made it, instead of a fashionable trendsetter. Instead of ruffles, the shirt is left in shreds.

Haley Thompson
Contributing Writer

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