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5 reasons you should vote this election season

November 4, 2016

1. It is not just the President on the ballot
While the president makes a lot of decisions in our country, he/she does not make these decisions alone. The decisions are made with the help of the House of Representatives and the Senate making it just as important to cast a vote for who you want representing your state/region. There are also many local and state officeholders on the ballot who have a more direct effect on you.

2. Voting rights did not come easily
It may be easy to take your right to vote for granted. However, not long ago, many minority groups in our country were not allowed to vote. Many generations of Americans fought long and hard for the right to vote. We should honor the fight they made by voting and expressing our opinion when they could not.

3. The issues that you are voting for do matter
Many of the issues that are being disputed effect college students. At some point we all have to graduate and go out in the “real world” where we will be starting our careers, budgeting our own finances, and possibly starting a family. Each one of these areas is being discussed in this year’s election in some shape or form. It is important to voice your opinion so you can help in deciding how our futures will evolve after college.

4. Millennials are the most diverse voting group
Our country is becoming increasingly diverse as the years go by and who better to represent the diversity of our country than college students. College students probably experience the most diversity on a daily basis as students come from all over the world to attend different colleges in the United States. We understand what this diverse country needs and by voting we can express our opinion on how these matters should be undertaken.

5. The margin of victory can be important
Even if a candidate is foreseen to win by a landslide, adding your vote will allow you to close the margins or increase the margins of victory. Imagine if nobody went out an actually voted for their preferred candidate because they knew they were going to win. This would leave a chance for the opponent to steal the victory.

So, go out and cast your vote today!

Michelle Ravel
Photography Manager

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