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November 4, 2016

Well, it happened. The drought is finally over. Somehow, the Chicago Cubs are the best baseball team in the world. Don’t ask me how that happened, but it did. And as a White Sox fan, I have an obligation to dislike the Cubs and everything the organization stands for. It’s tradition. And, to be honest, there is definitely some hint of small dog syndrome involved. The beef between the Sox and the Cubs runs deep.

With that said: congratulations to the Cubs. As someone who remembers 2005 and the look of joy on my father’s face when the Sox pulled off that sweep against the Astros, this is a special moment. Not just as a Chicagoan, but as a Sox fan. Now, don’t get me wrong. I still hate the Cubs. I still want them to lose pretty much every single game they play, and I will continue to rub in the fact that we have the BP Cup for winning the Crosstown Classic. I do not like the Cubs.

However, I know the feeling of jubilation when a drought ends in sports. That feeling is amazing, and it is exactly why I love baseball. It’s what makes the mediocre seasons, the walking free agents, the bad managers, the draft whiffs, and the disastrous Septembers worthwhile. It’s why I watch an offense that can muster one, and sometimes two, .300 hitter. It’s why I hold out hope that the Sox aren’t wasting Chris Sale’s talent. I know, as a Sox fan, what it feels like to slog through mediocrity in the hope of finding the right pieces. And the Cubs managed to get out. I could tell how much the fans cared just from looking at the football field after the last out. That, I must admit, was a beautiful sight.

Essentially, congratulations, Cubs fans. You all earned this one. We’ll see you in April.

Anthony Adams
Sports Columnist

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