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Trick or Treat on 7th Street

November 4, 2016

The Monmouth College Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SACC) brought trick or treating to campus in order to bring together student-athletes and the Monmouth community.

SAAC members Michelle Nafziger, Carl O’Connor, and Brenna Bowers combined their effects to make this event possible.

“At the beginning of the year at one of our first SAAC meetings, the whole committee voted on what events we thought would succeed. We came up with different events and each student-athlete voted on which event they wanted to be a part of. That’s when Michelle, Carl and I decided that we wanted to make this event possible,” Bowers explained.

The three student-athletes organized the event with the help of head coach of women’s lacrosse, Elizabeth Demara, and head coach of women’s tennis, Brian Jordan; better known as “Big Red.” Coach Demara and Big Red directed them on how to set up the event along with buying the candy and supplies necessary.

Nafziger, junior on the swimming and diving team, explained how she thinks the event could leave a positive impact on the kids who attended. “I think it is a good opportunity to show our appreciation for community support. Also, this event and others like it could inspire young children to think of Monmouth College when choosing a school in the future.”

Trick or treating began at 7 P.M. on Halloween evening with a good turnout of trick or treat-ers running from table to table that were set up in front of Huff Athletic Center. The success of the event was apparent because candy went fast. Bowers, senior representative for the swimming and diving team, said all the tables ran out of candy within minutes of starting the event.

Nafziger explained “We had more people show up to the event than anticipated so shortly into it we decided to go buy more candy, which is a good problem to have.”

Nafziger, O’Connor, and Bowers were proactive in ensuring the community was aware the event was going on, especially since this was the first event of its kind hosted at the college. To get the word out to the community, they sent emails to local schools with information about the event, hung up fliers around town, and took to the SAAC social media pages.

Along with those efforts, Bowers explained how word was spread to the teams around campus. “The SAAC representatives from each team talked to their teammates to get as many teams at the event to pass out candy.”

The SAAC representatives certainly came through managing to get all 13 of the athletic teams to attend the event. Each sport had their own table to pass out candy and interact with the happy trick or treat-ers.

Andrea Correa, senior on the women’s soccer team, explained what made the event sweet for her. “The thing I enjoyed most about handing out candy for Trick or Treat on 7th Street was seeing all the kids in their awesome costumes and just seeing a huge smile on their faces when giving them candy.”

O’Connor, sophomore SAAC representative for the men’s track team, talked about the impact of Trick or Treat on 7th Street. “It was an important event because it allowed us to do something for the community. We wanted to get the teams names out there and with the involvement by both the student-athletes and all of the kids and parents that came I feel like it was a success.”

Miranda Jones
Co-Editor in Chief

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